Safety – Our Priority

We don’t just tick the box when it comes to employee safety. For us, it’s about more than just processes, policies and procedures; it’s a core principle that puts our people first.

We’re dedicated to providing all employees with a workplace that’s compliant with all relevant OH&S laws and regulations.

That’s why we protect you with thorough workplace assessments that include:

  • Inspection and written report of all machinery.
  • Inspection and written report of all hand tools.
  • Inspection of all safety systems.
  • Inspection of flooring, exits, lighting, fire extinguishers, employee amenities and first aid kits.
  • Workstations and their ergonomics, including seating.
  • Discussion with your employer, suggestions on solutions, and follow up to check on implementation.

Our continued commitment to your safety makes us an employer of choice.